Why Juventus will Win the Serie A Title

July 29th, 2013 by Hixson

The Italian Serie A is one of the biggest football leagues in the world and next season is going to be one of the most competitive seasons in the recent past. The last decade has been dominated by Inter Milan and AC Milan, but Juventus has come back to winning ways in the last two seasons. Juventus has looked invincible in the last two seasons, and that is why they are likely to retain the Serie A title in the coming season. Place a bet with sbobet on Juventus to win the Serie A.

The Milan teams have not been in their usual best, and that is the reason why Juventus has come back with a very big bang. Juventus has been a football powerhouse in Europe, but its dominance in Italian football was slowed down by the match fixing scandals that really damaged the team’s reputation.

Juventus has a very experienced squad that is capable of dealing with the pressure of a very competitive league such as the Italian Serie A. The team has made some very good signings in the current transfer window and the acquisition of Llorente and Tevez has really strengthened their already strong attack. The midfield is among the best in the league under the leadership of the experienced Andrea Pirlo who is always getting better with age.

The experienced Buffon still remains their number one goalkeeper and a couple of signings at the back and in midfield will make the team invincible. The Milan teams have always been title contenders in the last two decades and next season will not be different.

Napoli is another team that will provide some competition especially after they got Rafael Benitez as their new manager. The team has sold their most reliable striker in Edinson Cavani to PSG, but it is expected that the new manager will get a suitable replacement. Juventus will not win the league with a big margin because of the expected competition. Sbobet

Raider Nation: Start Thinking About Next Year

February 13th, 2013 by Hixson

The Oakland raiders have not had much success since they made it to the Super Bowl in 10 years when they lost to Jon Gruden and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  The 4-12 record that they achieved last year is becoming something that the raider Nation is getting used to seeing.  There have been more bad Raider teams than there have been good raider teams of late, so it has to make the Raider Nation wonder, is anything going to change next year.  It is worth looking at what the offseason has to offer the raiders. There are some areas where they have bright spots and other areas where they need help.  The question that still remains is how much help is on the horizon.  Fans need to look at the good, the bad and the future to figure this out.

The Good

Reggie McKenzie and coach Dennis Allen are being given the time they need to make significant changes in the team.  They need to get better players, improve the mentality and institute a winning tradition to help turn this team around.  That takes time and effort and these two are going to find out if they are the ones that will be able to achieve it.

Darren McFadden is a great player.  That is he would be great if he could keep from getting hurt.  He is considered to be too fragile to last the entire season and Oakland has to decide if his talent is worth the risk.  If he can stay healthy, he has the talent to build a team around m-88.asia.

Carson Palmer may or may not be a good part of the team. If he can restructure his contract to a number that is more cap friendly and is provided with some talent around him, he has the ability to lead a team to the playoffs.

The third pick of the draft.  This is the reward for losing.  They should be able to get a talented player with this pick in the draft.

The Bad

They lack the talent that is needed to compete in many positions.  Wide Receiver, the Offensive line and the defense all need to upgrade their talent.

They lack the cap room to make any free agent signings.  It will be important for them to make some adjustments to get the cap room they need to get better players.  It will not be easy and it will take time.

The Raiders are still suffering from a series of bad draft choices, overpaying for some players and bad decisions.  This cannot be solved in a single offseason.

The Future

The Raiders will struggle with the decisions of the past for at least one more year.  If the men at the top of the organization make the right decisions, the good times may not be that far away.  If the two make great decisions it will happen even sooner.

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